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Klarc Qent

"Erroneous Data (plus)" CDR


Genres: tape collage, plunderphonics, cut and paste

Aug 27 - Sep 2 2002

Seeing as I love Negativland, People Like Us, and just about every one of the cut-up artists on the scene, I was treated to quite a pleasant surprise upon putting Klarc Qent's new CDR in my stereo. While Qent is by no means as political as Negativland, his silly, recycled sounds are a direct throwback to People Like Us's early Lassie House record. It's quite amazing how smoothly he can mix up speech samples that are completely unrelated to each other in order to make long, bizarre, yet semi-sensical sentences. It's very similar to the music of The Bran Flakes (who he actually samples in one of the tracks), except with less melodies and beats holding the sounds together. But fear not, as the lack of Bran Flake-esque hummability doesn't affect your enjoyment, it just lends more attention to the words themselves.

While Qent may be too immature and silly for some people (dig that whole track dedicated to the word "fuck"), those who are used to the antics of the rest of the plunderphonic artists on the scene will find this to be a complete riot. Among the cacophony are recorded phone personal ads, old obscure film tidbits, and even a bit of Mouse On Mars. And with Qent's affinity for cutting and pasting, you can be sure that even a stuttering, sexually-charged British man can be spliced with both a nurse's personal ad and the sadomasochistic chatter of a dominatrix. And you're going to laugh, my friend, you're going to laugh.

Fans of People Like Us, Wobbly, and The Evolution Control Committee, make haste! There's a new Stockhausen worshipper in town and he goes by the name of Klarc Qent!

Note: Qent likes to trade material with other similar cut-and-pasters; click here to sample his work and arrange a trade.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 25 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2002]