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Kite Operations

"Shiny Beast" CDR EP

K.O.A. Records

Genres: indie rock, noise rock

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May 24 - 30 2004

Shiny Beast is the second EP from Kite Operations, a noisy indie rock band from the New York City area. They have a fairly abrasive sound, influenced by the likes of Archers of Loaf, Sebadoh, and even early Pavement. A track like "Titanium" definitely has some Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain and Icky Mettle tendencies, but lacks the melodic urgency that made those albums so successful. With that said, however, there are definitely some positives on this disc; its gritty atmosphere is very impressive, and there is quite a bit of melodic potential on display, as well.

The EP opens with two somewhat sensitive numbers; to firm emo haters, the subtly whiny vocals may be a bit much, although this is more comparable to Pedro the Lion than The Get-Up Kids. "Titanium" and "Anna Come Out" are the disc's best songs; they blend wonderful melodic sensibility with a certain indie rock unsettledness. However, the latter tries to go for a long, Radiohead-esque vocal bit (no words, just "a-a-a-a-ah") that ends up as a total trainwreck. As well, the long, instrumental final track is a bit bland and unnecessary, but shows promise.

Kite Operations have some good ideas, though they will need to remove extraneous songs (and song elements) if they truly wish to attain the success they're working towards.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]