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Kinski Spiral

"Hymns and Fragments" CDR

Cut And Paste

Genres: lo-fi, indie pop, dream pop

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June 17 - 23 2002

Hymns and Fragments is an excellent collection of lo-fi pop gems from Ohio outfit Kinski Spiral. While nothing on this cd-r rocks out, the music has a sort of Smog-esque charm, using minor keys and dark, moody textures to produce some surprisingly catchy tunes. "Can't Wait 'Till Summer" is one of these tunes, and it succeeds especially well simply because it's loaded with hooks - it's easily hummable and extraordinarily fun. Like early Guided By Voices material, the band chooses to relish their technological confinements instead of weakening under them. And while this approach may stove off those accustomed to production-heavy affairs, those interested in the DIY style will find this very appealing.

"Leaving Well Enough Alone" displays Kinski Spiral at their best. Minor chords and half-singing characterize the song, but the real treasure lies in the irresistible songwriting. Falling somewhere in between GBV-alumnus Tobin Sprout and country-tinged pop depressionist Songs: Ohia, the band has written a song that's both uppity and eerily depressing at the same time. When the final strokes of the guitar conclude the track, you're sent up to pure lo-fi heaven.

It's these songs, and the short instrumentals that are scattered throughout the thirteen-track collection, that makes Hymns and Fragments so successful. It's just more evidence that Cut and Paste Records is the best non-profit DIY label out there.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 49 min 56 sec; 13 tracks; distributed by the label; released 2001]