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King Street Healers

"Backyard Mind" CD

Bluefish Records

Genres: rock, funk-rock, funk

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April 2002

Lenny Kravitz + James Brown = King Street Healers. If that simple arithmetic equation hasn't got you all excited, then I don't know what will. I presume that the King Street Healers' own brand of funk rock n' roll can take a shot at it, because if the eleven tracks on this album can't get you at least smiling, then you're probably a stupid idiot. Ok, I suppose that was a bit extreme, but I'm just trying to communicate that the King Street Healers' music is really fun.

"Backyard Mind" is the Canadian quartet's debut release, and it shows a lot of promise for the future. The talented singing of Jeff Mertick is great, and blends flawlessly with the funky guitar and zippy drums. For example, "I Am Not The One," the third track on this album, is a wonderful piece of country-tinged blues rock. It features a to-die-for chorus, Jamiroquai-esque vocals, and guitarwork that wouldn't feel at all out of place on a Joe Walsh (!) record.

Altogether, this is a good, solid album. Although it features nothing spectacular, it suffers from no major flaws either, and is defintely worth a listen - or two.


Matt Shimmer