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The Kings of Nuthin'

"Fight Songs" CD

Disaster Records

Genres: rockabilly, blues-punk

Disaster Records
PO Box 7112
Burbank, CA 91510 USA

Mar 17 - 23 2003

So you're getting tired of all that carbon-copy three-chord punk stuff out there?  Sure, it's fun and everything, but you're always faced with that feeling that you've heard it all before.  Well, now's the perfect time for you to check out The Kings of Nuthin'.

An eight-piece rockabilly/blues-punk ensemble out Boston, MA, The Kings of Nuthin' produce their funky sound entourage by way of two saxes, piano, washboard, drums, guitar, bass, and vocals.  Their songs are all delightfully raucous romps, seeing them jump and smash through jazz, blues, rockabilly, and even ska territory without a missed beat in sight - from beginning to end, Fight Songs never sacrifices excitement.

Better songs include "The Kinds Will Have No Say" and "Another Year", the latter of which includes some really rowdy sax playing and a short solo that works to build tension.  Other notable inclusions are "La Chupacabra," a spirited, surf-esque instrumental, and "Nuthin' To Lose," a slow n' gritty number that isn't far off from early beatnik-jazz club fare.

The Kings of Nuthin' are poised to become big on the punk scene, I can see it now.  Sooner or later, venues will be crowded with suit wearin', jump n' jivin' fans, dancing about like there's no tomorrow.  Probably.


Fun Fact: The band's piano can be a real nightmare while touring.  It's weight has already caused their new van to blow its motor, and, well, you can imagine what it's like while traveling by plane...

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]