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Kill By Inches

Self-titled CDEP

KBI Music

Genres: rap-metal, nu-metal

KBI Music
58-34 74th St.
Elmherst, NY 11373

Sep 16 - 22 2002

I don't get why certain bands are proud of their rap-metal style. Last time I checked, being nu-metal was something to be ashamed of. But Kill By Inches refuse to admit that the genre is dead - nor the fact that it should never have been alive. But whatever.

This EP, consisting of four songs, is exactly the type of thing Limp Bizkit would have released if they couldn't afford to pay for an ultra-glossy recording. "Bomb The City", for example, has the singer yelling through a seemingly broken microphone, with clichéd guitar riffs and power-drumming topping it off. "Tear It Up" follows in the same vein, with a stupidly aggressive and violent bent that seems more contrived than truly angry.

But, I must say, KBI are not necessarily bad at what they do. In fact, fans of Slipknot and that whole camp of music will likely find a lot to like in this recording. In fact, even I find "Seven Days" to be somewhat catchy, which I thought was impossible, considering my rap-metal immunity and all. Nonetheless, it still sounds way too unoriginal, and this lack of innovation really detracts from the music itself.

While I can't find much to like in this EP, fans of the nu-metal bands that were popular earlier this year will be sure to find something for them here. Otherwise, this will be of little interest to you.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 min 14 sec; 4 tracks; distributed by the band; released 2002]