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KG Fields

"Arminarminarm" CDR

Sort Of Records

Genres: folk, acoustic folk

November 2006

This fledgling CDR label has sent me a couple of releases for inspection, of which KG Fields' Arminarminarm is chronologically the first. Right from the opening of the package, the care these folks have put into their releases is obvious. Hand-assembled slim covers with smart design is what you get with a Sort Of record, and they've certainly learned that care is the first step to success.

Musically speaking, this EP does not let down the expectation garnered from a glance at the whole product. Fields is a tremendous guitarist, and his pleasant singing makes for perfect accompaniment. The EP opens with instrumental "Tacoma" which sets the mood appropriately, creating a detailed but light and airy atmosphere as a set-up for the rest of the disc. "Joeline and the Bottlecap Curtain" introduces Fields' voice (and harmonica), and his folky, bluesy sound works perfectly. Rhythmic and plucking variation keeps things interesting without moving towards a self-indulgent lack of focus. The result is nearly six minutes of perfection. "Ballet Mechanique Day" reminds me of America in its vocal style and melodic nature, but in a good way I assure you - sure, there is a lean towards potentially cheesy soft rock, but Fields pulls it off. The EP closes off with fifteen minute instrumental "Ragaragar" which might not be for everyone, but is a varied piece of music in the Fahey American Primitive tradition. The track's segues and flows make it consistently interesting and entertaining, and frequent displays of technical prowess are included quite humbly.

Overall, Arminarminarm is a fine disc and one I'd definitely pull out in the future. A glance at KG Fields' instrumental and song-based talents casts no doubt that he's got plenty to show off to the world in the near future.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, 29:57, distributed by the label, released 2006]