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"Into Orbit" CD


Genres: electronica, new age, ambient

c/o Ozland
3763 N. Oconto Ave.
Chicago, IL 60634

April 6 - 13 2002

The difference between electronica and new age is sometimes blurrable; many bands have blended the two, including Orbital and Enigma. KevOz manages to continue in this tradition, using traditional electronica sounds and mixing them with new age synths and piano. Some of it sounds like a cross-bred Orbital and Vangelis hybrid, while other parts are decidedly more funky. KevOz manages to do both styles well, luckily, and as a result, this album is clearly a good one. Is it great, though? No.

The title-track, a five-and-a-half minute song, is very Les Rhythmes Digitales-esque, with a hint of Money Mark added in for good measure. It is fun and excitable, but misses the certain oomph of many of the more well-known acts. Meanwhile, "Love Goddess" is a three-part piece that appears to document the timecourse of a relationship ("From Afar," "Up Close," and "Leaving"). It starts off with a very gradual, atmospheric sound, and then breaks into fast, driving beats, only to recoil later - as the relationship ends. Most of the album is enjoyable, except for a few lowpoints (the horrendous "Eyes On You," for example). I must say, KevOz shows a lot of promise for the future, but this particular album isn't all that notable.


Matt Shimmer