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Keith John Adams

"This is a Six Track EP" 7"

Kabuki Kore

Genres: indie pop

Kabuki Kore
5 Hamilton House
26 Aldis St.
London SW17 0SA

Oct 4 - 10 2004

Off all the bedroom-trained indie poppers out there, I find Keith John Adams to be one of the most consistently excellent.  He is an incredible songwriter, able to create melodic, memorable tunes with a Pollard-esque fluency.  But his infectious, often absurdist style is distinctly his own.  "Inconsequential Thought," though cheerily infectious (dig those toy melodies), is most enjoyable due to its goofiness - the song structure is elaborately playful, and the lyrics are sweet and particularly clever.  "Weather" and "Find a Body" are less successful, but also share a simple charm that combines Beefheart-esque creativity with Malkmus-calibre hooks.  On the record's other side, "Never Look Down" uses a jumpy "Beat" sound snatched straight from The British Invasion, "In Love" is a folky love song in the realm of The Kinks and Simon and Garfunkel, and "Sex Pest" finishes the adventure off in wonky psych-pop territory.  Keith is correct when he calls this a Six Track EP, but what he neglects to mention is that it's a dang fine one.  You'll play this sucker until the grooves are worn out.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]