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"Driven" CD

Velocity Records / Black Label

Genres: electronica, techno, trance

Dec 22 - 28 2003

In a world where mix albums are produced and released en masse, it's nice to see a DJ like Kazell taking the time and energy to do things right for a change.  Driven does not suffer from repetition or monotony, but instead lavishes in its own melodic insatiability.  This means you get more bang for your buck - there are seventeen songs on this disc, all mixed to perfection.  The disc's flow is, as is typical of mix albums, one of its greatest assets.

Fans of techno and trance will be pleased to see many excellent tracks included on this mix.  Casa Flava's "De Moma De (Inua Mix)" and Bjorn Mandry's "Time Factor" are both highlights, the latter of which is a colossal tune that would work wonders in clubs.  At times this disc can become a bit bland (the middle portion can become somewhat dull), but for the most part the disc stands the test of time.  It is equally effective in headphones as it is on the dancefloor.

Driven's best moments occur in the latter third of the disc.  Medway vs. Pete Gawtry's "Le Fin Du Monde (Hiratzka Remix)" and Madoka's "Planaforma" (think Orbital's "Halcyon" as a reference point) are two of the album's best.  Finale "Artificial Heart" by Sasha is another effective, melodic club number.

For techno and trance junkies, Driven is a must.  Kazell is a master DJ, and the talented selection and flow that went into this album is a testament to that.  Check it out.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 17 tracks, distributed by Amazon, released 2003]