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"Thank You and Goodnight" CDEP

KEEP Recordings

Genres: indie rock, indie pop

KEEP Recordings
PO Box 18972
Tucson, AZ 85731

Nov 8 - 14 2004

Kasino is a Glasgow-based indie rock outfit who have kept their recorded output intentionally sparse - after forming in the mid-90s, they waited until 2002 to release a (currently sold out) debut album.  Though I never got my greasy paws on that disc, I have been given the chance to try out the Thank You and Goodnight EP, a short, five-song disc that's been issued in an exclusive edition of fifty copies through KEEP Recordings.

While the songs on my advance copy of this EP are missing their endings (yes, they just cut out without any fade or wind-down or anything), I can get the general impression here.  And it's a good one.  Kasino have a passionate, melodic sound that blends indie pop sensibility with alternative rock accessibility.  "Walk Through Walls," for example, sounds like the mutant union of The Weakerthans, Travis, and perhaps even (gasp!) Coldplay.  "Miles Away," meanwhile, showcases one of Kasino's instruments of choice - the shoegazer-associated e-bow, which helps build Thank You and Goodnight's spacey, atmospheric sound.

Snatch one of these before they are all gone; KEEP has scored another winner with Kasino, and only fifty people are going to find out why.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]