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Various Artists

"Kanzleramt" CD


Genres: dark techno, electronica

Kanzleramt Music
Koepenicker Strasse 154a
Aufgang 3
10997 Berlin

Aug 8 - Aug 11 2002

Kanlzeramt, a wonderful electronica label out of Germany, has been releasing its own brand of deep techno for years. Since their first release, which was put out in 1996, they've racked up quite a large roster of artists, including Alexander Kowalski, Family Lounge, DJ Slip, and Diego. This compilation was issued as a sort of label sampler, but instead of sounding scattered and disorganized, it was skillfully put together by the label - combining tracks that work well together and flow perfectly. Not only that, every song here is amazing - from the dark, thumping rhythm of Alexander Kowalski's "Progress" to the robot-funk atmosphere of Johannes Heil's "Children of the Night".

Each of the artists have their own unique styles, though there are many influences present in their music. For example, Heiko Laux's "Walkout" sounds quite a bit like 2-era Orbital, and Double X's "Evidence of Vividness" is a direct nod to Daft Punk, with a well-used sample from Homework's "High Fidelity". In fact, the latter could be mistaken for the Daft's masterpiece of a track - if it weren't for the dark, moody undertones.  And while these dark undertones, which are present on every track of Kanzleramt, may scare off superficial fans of the "rave" genre, they are what make this such a powerful, groundbreaking release.

So, if you're looking for some deep, dense, occasionally dark electronica, you can't go wrong here. But with seventy-nine minutes worth of booming, bleeding, banging, belching, breaking, burning, bleating, blasting, bouncing, bleeping, belting, bashing beats, who could go wrong??  This is a revolution in the making.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 79 min 5 sec; 14 tracks; distributed by Forced Exposure; released 2001]