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The Jupiter Project

"I Can Make You Try" CD


Genres: pop, indie pop, electronica

Oct 21 - 27 2002

The Jupiter Project is a female/male duo consisting of Johnny Pape on lead vocals and guitars, and Sue Boyer on bass, accompanying vocals, and electronics. After fruitlessly searching for a like-minded drummer, they decided they would create their beats electronically, which immediately earned them the trip-hop tag. However, any true trip aficionado will tell you that this most decidedly isn't in the league of Portishead or Sneaker Pimps, and is merely pop music with synthesized beats.

But there's no problem with that. After all is said and done, the electronic rhythm section on this EP is done fantastically well, and goes marvelously with the band's pop songwriting. While the songs aren't necessarily the catchiest of all, the band boasts a very fresh sound, with many influences abound.

"Gooseflesh," the album's second track, for example, has a very nice melody to it, but Pape's vocals don't go with the powerful background. "Picaboy," meanwhile, has a neat, eighties-era synthy feeling, somewhere in the realm of Peter Gabriel's work. It is arguably the album's best moment, as it has everything down just pat - the atmosphere, the melody, and even the recording quality (which suffers on some of the cd's six songs). Also worthy of mention is the album's last track, "Two-feet," which boasts an interesting, infectious chorus.

All in all, I Can Make You Try is a nice pop EP with an interesting concept, but the songs won't necessarily appeal to everyone.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 29 min 40 sec, 6 tracks; distributed by the band; released 2002]