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Julie Powell

"Heart of a Woman" CD


Genres: emo, indie rock

195 Three Oaks Drive
Athens, GA 30607

May 26 - Jun 1 2003

Heart of a Woman is a collection of eight songs, five of which were written by Powell herself, and three of which are traditional hymns and spirituals.  Although it's pretty short in duration, Heart of a Woman is a surprisingly powerful disc.  Powell delivers the songs in a hauntingly emotional fashion, combining Southern songwriting with pop and jazz influences.

The album starts off (after a brief intro) with "Over My Head," a catchy, smoky breath of folk-tinged pop.  Powell's beautiful voice is used in a modest, effective manner - not going for anything theatrical, she makes everything seem effortlessly perfect and yet daringly simple.  This style of singing is carried over through all of the album's tracks, right until the finalé, a vocals-only rendition of the classic spiritual "Were You There."  Other highlights include a laidback version of "In The Garden," the semi-country leanings of "Dance," and the mesmerizing title-track.

Heart of a Woman is an album for starry nights alone at home - buy it and you'll cherish it forever.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 songs, distributed by the label, released 2003]