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Julie Doiron

"Heart And Crime" CD

Endearing Records

Genres: indie pop, sadcore, dream pop

PO Box 69009
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3P 2G9

April 13 - 20 2002

Before I come at you with a barrage of details and information, I'd just like to say that this album is good. Really good.

Doiron, in case you don't know, once played bass for the legendary Eric's Trip. Since then, she's started doing a whole bunch of her own projects, including a collaboration with the Wooden Stars, and last year's French-language album "Désormais." "Heart And Crime" is, apparently, a companion disc to "Désormais," although I think it works perfectly on its own. Taking influences from bands like Cat Power and Mojave 3, Doiron's own brand of calm, beautiful indie pop is often just what the doctor orders.

"The Surgery Is One," for example, is a warm, intimate song that should be listened to while sitting next to a nice fire. Doiron's magnificent voice can carry you off into a trance at times, and the instrumentation is very similar to that of Mojave 3. Meanwhile, "The One You Love" is a sensitive song about being broken up with. It will ring true for pretty much anyone who's ever had the experience of being left alone. The emotional feel to the song is communicated beautifully by Doiron, whose voice conveys the sadness of the song without actually sounding miserable itself.

All around, "Heart And Crime" is a wonderful album. With all of their successful albums this year, it seems that the folks at Endearing Records can do no wrong.


Matt Shimmer