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Jonathan Inc.

"Halfway to a Better Place" CDR

Anniedale Records

Genres: indie pop, folk-rock, slowcore

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Nov 18 - 24 2002

Halfway to a Better Place, Jonathan Inc's new EP, is a very solid release from the Vancouver quartet.  It boasts a fantastic atmosphere that brings to mind L'altra's signature pop symphonies, and also bears a resemblance to A Northern Chorus' 2001 debut album.  Calm, moody sounds are blended with a bit of a folk vibe and a little bit of indie pop awareness - producing something of a folk-slowcore hybrid.

"You Do As You Do," for example, is a nice pop song with a very pleasant guitar backing.  It's got a great Yo La Tengo mood with a fantastic chorus that really pulls it together.  "Longshot," meanwhile, boasts a nice folk-rock influence with a discreet trombone playing in the background to add atmosphere.  The vocals are stupendous, with the signer accompanying the instruments perfectly.  And then there's the last track on the EP, "The Lakes of Canada."  It is a fantastically moody track with a subtle chorus that fits really well.  It's possibly the best song of the six - this is indie pop at its finest, folks!

Jonathan Inc. seems to have a real flare for melody - they've got the formula down perfectly.  As well, all the instruments are played with utter perfection, building a beautiful atmosphere that is just reinforced with Jonathan's excellent Eels-esque vocals.

You have no excuse.  Go out a hunt this down.  Better yet, order it off of Anniedale Records' website.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks; distributed by the label; released 2002]