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Joi Veer

"On" CD


Genres: pop / rock, singer / songwriter, pop

June 9 - 16 2002

On first look, Joi Veer's "On" album looks stupid.  Really stupid.  Here's why:

A) The cover art looks stupid

B) The pictures make Joi Veer look stupid

C) The lyrics are stupid

Thank goodness the music itself isn't that bad.   While nothing here is that original (it's all just basic rock/pop), the songs flow well and are pretty darn catchy.  Like many before him, Joi Veer takes a bunch of clichés and crafts an entire album out of them.  Here's a basic rundown of a few of the twelve songs on this album:

"A Simple Wish": A nasal-voiced love song about, well, love.

"Home": A pop song with a bit of a funk influence.  That's about it.

"I Know What I Know": Joi Veer in his sexy rebellious stage: "I know what I know/And I won't be told any other way"

"Toxic Love": The antithesis of "A Simple Wish", this is one of those "love is just a trick" songs.  Joi Veer tries hard rock on this song and the result is a pop song with slightly angry vocals.

Okay, so it might not be the most original thing on the block.  We shouldn't hold that against Joi Veer.  He's still made a pleasant album, and I'm sure many people will enjoy it.  I just think that, with what sounds like true talent, Joi Veer could have made so much more of an album.  Alas, this is a nice listen.  Congratulations.  Let's see what you can do next time.


Matt Shimmer