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Johnny J

"johnNY doe" CDR

Wood Records

Genres: experimental rock

Wood Records
1704 Central
Dodge City KS

May 12 - 18 2003

Johnny J is a crazy guy from Sweden who records really weird, often Zappa and Beefheart-esque music, and creates fucked up websites to publicize said music.  But that's all in good fun.  One listen to johnNY doe will assure you that, although he certainly has a penchant for the bizarre, Johnny J also knows exactly what he's doing.

Songs like the opener, "johnNY doe (It's Over?)" and "The Day" see Johnny J mocking the whole rock star attitude (Zappa, anyone?) with outbursts of electronics and ego-trip vocals.  "Hangover" is a goofy little tune that is remarkably catchy, despite its hilarious simplicity.  Meanwhile, the three songs sung by guest vocalist AnneLee are pure fem-fronted fun, taking cues from bands like Sleater-Kinney and perhaps even Neko Case in The New Pornographers.  "Wild Snow," one of the album's best songs, is an energetic power pop romp.  Plus, I give bonus points for a delicious cover of Phil Ochs' "Spaceman," a classic in its own right.  

If you're looking for a record filled with experimental rock and absurd power pop, then johnNY doe will be the soundtrack to your dysfunctionally funky summer.  Rock on, Johnny J, rock on!


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 songs, distributed by the label, released 2003]