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Joe Giardullo 4tet

"Now Is" CD

Drimala Records

Genres: free jazz, improv, jazz

Drimala Records
PO Box 69044
Hampton VA

Dec 22 - 28 2003

Joe Giardullo is a microtonal free jazz reed player with a rather large discography behind him, dating way back to the early eighties.  His most recent disc, Now Is, has been released by jazz/improv imprint Drimala Records, and it sees him team up with Joe McPhee, Mike Bisio, and Tani Tabbal.  The results are terrific; together, the quartet plays some of the most refined and talented free jazz to come out in a long while.

"Spin" is one of the best pieces on Now Is; it is an energetic, loose slice of improv.  "Conference," meanwhile, features an interesting 'conversation' between the instruments, including some neat saxophone call-and-response.  "Spring Theory" is also an amazing, wonderfully lush piece of music.

Now Is is a terrific selection of improvised music that any serious free jazz will want to get his or her paws on.  Giardullo has continued in his tradition of excellence.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]