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Jimmy Eat World

"Futures" CD

Interscope Records

Genres: alternative rock, rock

Interscope Records
2220 Colorado Ave
Santa Monica, CA

Dec 6 - 12 2004

I'll admit it: I liked "Bleed American."  It was catchy.  The urgent, intense delivery was very effective in making it a brief "alt rock" hit awhile ago, though its simple melody diminished its longetivity.

"Bleed American" was basically my only frame of reference coming into Futures, so I was expecting an album filled with strong, drivingly melodic songs from Jimmy Eat World.  And upon first listen, I didn't really get what I expected.  Futures is a standard alternative rock album, and it sounds a lot like what you hear on alt radio (stations with names like "Edge" and "Buzz" and "Thrust").  It is melodic, for sure, but it has a sort of uncreative flare, repeatedly pitting yelled/whined vocals against loud guitars and all-too-familiar hooks.  It definitely holds mainstream potential, but the more experienced listener will likely have to brave a few listens before becoming particularly impressed with the songs.

The title-track is one of the main attractions here, and it definitely has an infectious appeal to it.  It is based on a juicy power-pop melody and serious, one-liner driven lyrics ("the past is told by those who win," etc).  Other standout songs are the dark and brooding "Night Drive," which ranks among alt rock's upper echelon, and "Pain," an urgent, rushing rock song not far off from "Bleed American" (think Rival Schools, Trail of Dead).  Ultimately, all of these songs have the necessary pop hooks to get stuck in your head, and if you don't mind the homogeneity of the genre, they'll make for an excellent diversion.


Fun Fact: Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins has stated that the album's title-track is about the American President.  From an MTV interview: "The song is about George W. Bush, yeah. It's about being dissatisfied with how things are going and about greed taking over."

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed everywhere, released 2004]