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Jim Kitson

Self-Titled CD

Boomracket Records

Genres: indie rock, accordion rock, folk rock

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April 27 - May 4 2002

Well, this is a bit unusual. The primary instruments, excluding vocals, are banjo and accordion. Kitson uses these (among others) to create twelve somewhat catchy pop songs. However, it is unlikely that this album will plant a firm spot in your CD player.

Tracks like "I've Said It All Before" and "Idiot" are cliched, country-tinged songs that don't particularly stand out. However, there are a few goodies here. "Famous," for example, is a pleasant country song that's easily the best one here. "I Bet" is another nice track, with lyrics about a girl who's deeply in love. It's a very pleasant song that can stand strong for repeated listens. However, much of this album is below average, and the few good parts don't make up for the rest.


Matt Shimmer