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Jeremy Gloff

"Romantico" CD

Riotboy Records

Genres: singer / songwriter, pop

Jeremy Gloff
PO Box 291593
Tampa, Florida 33687

Oct 13 - 19 2003

Romantico, the latest chapter in Jeremy Gloff's ongoing series of albums (his first was released way back in 1993), is his "love album," an exhaustive collection of sixteen love songs.  Some are good, but others need work.

The problem with this round of Gloff's tunes is that they run the fringe between catchy, effective pop and dreary, soggy ballads.  For example, tunes like the sweet "Iodine" and jiggy, rock-influenced "Cleaning Time" are very pleasant tunes, whereas "Now and When" and "Silence is  the Best Calm" are flat, dull duds.

Next time around, Gloff could pare down the songs he decides to keep on his album and replace them with catchier, cleaner tunes.  But as it is, Romantico remains an okay, yet unfortunately inconsistent, album of love songs.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 17 tracks, distributed by the artist, released 2003]