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Jeremy Gloff

"America Is Lonely Tonight" CD

Riotboy Records

Genres: singer / songwriter, indie pop, indie rock

Jeremy Gloff
PO Box 291593
Tampa, FL 33687

May 4 - May 11 2002

Jeremy Gloff is an independent singer/songwriter who self-releases his music on his Riotboy Records label. This is his eleventh collection of songs, yet it's the first one I've ever heard, and I must say that it's a wonderful introduction to his work. Gloff has constructed a great album that is packed full of standard indie pop pieces. The songs themselves feature nothing new, but are thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. "Remembering," for example, is an upbeat, pleasant song that is tinged with a pleasant country influence. Another track, "Sound of my Crashing," adds piano to the mixture, forming a slow, sweet song that borders on being marketable. Gloff owes a bit to Simon and Garfunkel, though, as this song sounds a bit too much like "Sound of Silence," except with a decidedly more R.E.M-ish quality to it. Altogether, Gloff has created a delightful selection of pop songs that is far from classic, yet enjoyable all the same.


Matt Shimmer