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Jeremy From Boise

"It's Called Finishing" CD

Fort Hazel / Losing Blueprint / Sao Bento Music / Samsa Records

Genres: lo-fi, acoustic pop, experimental pop

Mar 29 - Apr 4 2004

It's Called Finishing is the type of album I can never get enough of.  Jeremy From Boise (also known as A Radio With Guts) is an absolute champion of needly, angled acoustic pop music.  His fingers sound as if they've been made to pluck all those notes that sound like their wrong but work so perfectly together nonetheless.  On this four-label release's fifteen songs, he uses very little more than his guitar and his voice - but somehow, I never become bored with it.  His songs may often be morose and slow, but on this pleasant Sunday morning I could want nothing more.  It's Called Finishing is a thinking album, a collection of songs that you can lie back and daydream to.

"My Golden Balls" is quite exemplary of the Jeremy From Boise sound.  A subtle melody is planned, and then sung nearly atonally under a complex puzzle of clinky, usually minor-key guitar plucks, designed to win over the listener note by bote.  The effect is unusual, but will prove to be eye-opening for the true enthusiast of abnormal pop music.  The 'epic' "Misery Palace", the almost twangy "Dull Grey", and the creepy "Someditch" are also standouts.  The finale, "Fear Is A Good Thing," could be the album's best song.

Despite all the guitar-and-vocal tunes, there are also quite a few instrumentals.  "The 2/3 Least Reciprocated" is a study in bizarro melody, while "The First Subdivision" messes around with a weird sound sample.

This is a very good album, and one that should garner a lot more attention than it likely will.  If needly, obscure experimental pop sounds good to you, It's Called Finishing needs to be in your collection.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 15 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]