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Jeff Ensley

"The Paper Tigers" CD


Genres: lo-fi, hometaper, indie pop

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May 6 - 12 2003

From Kansas' capital city comes a DIY pop effort by obscure hometaper Jeff Ensley.  And while the recording quality is low on The Paper Tigers, Ensley's excellent zest for pop melodies and emotional lyrics comes across perfectly.  Over the album's eight songs, we're taken for a very personal, beautiful ride through Ensley's deepest thoughts and emotions.

"Rings On Every Finger," the album's first track, is a fine example of Ensley's sound.  With a simple guitar chord background and drum machine beat as the only "instrumentation," Jeff makes the track work by way of a very catchy verse-and-chorus structure that's hard not to hum along to.  "Meant To Be Apart," meanwhile, is a short, personal song that features only Ensley's vocals and his hushed acoustic guitar.

At times cutesy, at times depressing, Jeff Ensley's The Paper Tigers is a must for hometaper pop fans.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 songs, distributed by the artist, released 2003]