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Jason Dove

"Pronto" CDEP

Carbon & Monoxide

Genre: pop/rock

April 2006

Jason Dove, an alumnus of a number of local Atlanta rock acts, is the man behind Pronto. This record is a thirteen song romp through a number of variations upon rock music, from jam band styles to flat out indie pop. It houses a number of decent rock songs, as well as some particularly notable instrumentals. Often Dove seems to work best without vocals, as strongpoints like "Jameson on the Rocks" and the eclectic title track can attest to. Catchy tunes like "Hey" and "Saddest Song In The World, Ever" round out the better pop tracks, whereas some of the other songs suffer from blandness and mediocrity. Stronger vocals and more of a stylistic consistency would make this album a more satisfying and followable record. Pronto is by no means a waste of a CD, but its value is threatened by the number of better solo records out there.

MP3 (from Hey, Mexico, Landing A Chopper, Girl, My Love Is Like Keno


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 tracks, distributed by Morphius, released 2005]