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Janosch Moldau

"Bleed On" CDEP

Janosch Moldau Records

Genre: electro pop

May 2006

From Cologne, Germany comes Janosch Moldau and the Bleed On EP. This is three songs of glitchy electronic pop, reminiscent of Notwist and DNTEL. Electro beats, synth melodies, and some more experimental sounds are combined with Moldau's vocals and occasional guitar to produce a purposeful but eerily beautiful sound. The title-track (which comes with a b&w video version as well) is a skilled, melodic venture for Moldau - its sorrowful chorus approaches cliché ("I still bleed on...") but the effective melody and clicky/cutty atmosphere distract the listener from that. There are also some strong religious aspects on display here, but they aren't strong enough to get in the way of most audiences enjoying the music. "Passionately" adds guitar strokes to the mix to produce a Notwist-like effect (but more ethereal), and the resulting song is a longing, very interesting bit of electro-pop. The vocal breakdown somewhere in the middle is of particular interest. "Reloved," the EP's conclusion, is the most gradual song on here; it takes nearly two and a half minutes for the vocals to come in, but doesn't suffer as a result of that. Overall, the Bleed On EP is a solid electro pop record from one of the scene's less familiar faces. Here's to more from Moldau!


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks + 1 video, distributed by the label, released 2005]