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Self-Titled CDR

Skunkative Records

Genres: electronica, loops

May 5 - 11 2003

Jamm3r is an independent techno outfit set up by the owner of the now-defunct Skunkative label.  He takes a loop-based approach to his music (think Sonic Foundry or Fruitloops), using simple looped beats and synth patterns to construct his songs.  Although this often comes off as being very amateurish, some of the music is still enjoyably catchy and accessible.

Songs like "Special Pervert" are so obviously looped that it hurts, but every once in a while you get a gem like "3rd Song" that shows Jamm3r's ear for melody and atmosphere.  Unfortunately, dreck like "Lazy Day" and "Krishna" also ends up on here as well, and in sadly high concentrations in comparison to the better tracks.

This is an alright release, but not one that will appeal to that many audiences - mainly because chances are, if you can appreciate what Jamm3r does, you'd probably be able to make something equally good yourself with a $400 copy of Sonic Foundry Acid.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 songs, distributed by the artist, released 2002]