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"Quick and to the Pointless" CDR


Genres: sound collage, plunderphonics, experimental

Dec 13 - 19 2004

Jabberwocky's lo-fi sound collages are always fun, and Quick and to the Pointless is no exception.  Collecting nine shorter pieces and an epic entitled "Splice Up Your Life," this CDR is a fine collection of non-digital plunderphonics.  It starts with warped guitar rock ("Prime Us"), jumps into a cut-up rap cacophony ("Failure To Communicate"), and then goes into social commentary - with anti-gay propaganda dubbed over a repeated guitar line from George Michael's "Faith" ("Test of Faith").  Other notable moments include a vulgarization of former pop hit "Detachable Penis Song" and a strange, tempo-warped version of "Let's Get It On."  The thirteen-and-a-half minute finale, "Splice Up Your Life," is clearly the album's major focus - it is a diverse, interesting sound collage that culls samples from all over the pop culture map.  You'll have fun spotting all the different songs buried in the mess, and while it isn't as glossy or danceable as a professional mash-up, it's still a neat bit of experimental cut-n-paste.  If you've got a short attention span (seldom do these samples last past the four second mark), and can see the hilarity in a line like "no tears for queers," chances are you'll be able to appreciate Quick and to the Pointless.


Fun Fact: I've spent the past HALF HOUR trying to figure out where a particular sample comes from, and I can't get it.  I can sing practically the whole song in my head (minus the lyrics), but I can't remember what it is!  A clip of it occurs around 4:35 into "Splice Up Your Life."  If you know it, TELL ME!!!!

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the artist, released 2004]