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The Invisible Cities

"Demo CD v1.0" 3-inch CDR


Genres: lo-fi, indie pop, indie rock

Oct 21 - 27 2002

Before I start this review, I'd just like to say that we here at Indieville love little 3-inch CDs like this. They're super fun to look at and super fun to listen to.  So please, don't hesitate to send them just because you're not sure we have the technology to play them - we do. But now on to the review.

The Invisible Cities are a neat little band that play nice little lo-fi pop ditties. They have been playing shows since the start of this year, and this is their first recorded effort. While the recording quality is understandably low, there is still a lot of promise in these three songs. Starting off with "Bumper Cars," a bootleg-quality live recording, you can see that the band know they're way around a pop hook. The song is surprisingly catchy, with a nice, fast-paced beat and a pleasant vocal style. It brings to mind some of the bands on the Cincinnati-based Datawaslost label, especially Structure Factor 8 and Post-Haste.

"Birthday," meanwhile, is a cleaner recording. While still decidedly lo-fi (in that endearing, Tom Pollard-esque way), it isn't live and thus more attention is paid to getting the sound right. The track itself is beautiful, sounding like a mixture of Helium, Cat Power, and early Pedro The Lion. It's a refreshing bit of enchanting indie pop.

"Double-Fisted" closes off the album on a completely different vein. The band is going for a harsher, more angular rock feel, and they seem to have captured it. Taking influences from Pavement and the harder songs of The Pixies, the track is a fun romp that is surprisingly unaffected by the recording restraints.

Altogether, there is no denying that The Invisible Cities show promise. Heaps and heaps of promise, in fact. Here's to them one day getting a four-track!

(Note: All of these songs are available online here, so check them out!)


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks; released 2002]