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The Interiors

"A Crooked Line" CDEP


Genres: indie rock

June 6 - 12 2005

The Interiors sound pretty generic as far as indie rock goes, but their songs are quite catchy anyway.  They combine a gruff vocal delivery with tuneful but fairly regular guitar playing, sort of like a cross between Lucy's Fur Coat and Sebadoh.  Opener "Running Out Of Space" is this EP's best song; it gets by with an urgently infectious chorus that maintains both melody and tension.  "A Crooked Line," meanwhile, caught my attention because of its prickly, unusual texture - but it doesn't have a particularly inviting melody.  "Song of Complaint" works well in a vaguely Brian Jonestown Massacre-esque vein, and "All The Cities" is a calm, downtrodden closer.  The only blip is "Rush Street, 1970," a bland and wholly unnecessary rocker that adds nothing to the CD.  Overall, however, this is an exceptionally solid debut EP that marks the start of a promising young band's career.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2004]