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"All Little Boys Do Silly Little Dances" CD


Genres: turntablism

PO Box 511256
Milwaukee WI
53203 USA

May 12 - 18 2003

Innerstance.Beatbox is the work of Jason Todd, a DJ with a bent for jazz samples and laidback grooves.  All Little Boys Do Silly Little Dances is an accomplished, funky ride through acid jazz and instrumental hip hop styles that is sure to get you chilling with your headphones for hours on end.

Now it's kind of common to list out a few of the good tracks and explain why they're successful, but such an exercise would be futile in the case of All Little Boys...  Now I don't mean that there aren't any good songs on this album, oh heavens no, what I mean to say is that this album is not really a bunch of songs.  Sure, it's separated into nine tracks on the disc, but the whole thing flows together so well - and flow is a very important aspect here, I must say - that it's best looked at as a whole rather than in the form of different "singles."

Innerstance.Beatbox knows what he's doing.  The beats and bass are tremendously funky on All Little Boys, and the samples are selected and executed terrifically.  Sometimes you may feel that the album is best suited to being background music, especially during the more laidback, relaxing parts, while at other moments it's funky enough to get anyone dancing.  To put it bluntly, Innerstance.Beatbox is a talented DJ and All Little Boys Do Silly Little Dances is the work of a talented DJ - understand what I'm getting at?


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 9 songs, distributed by Darla, released 2003]