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The Inflation Kills

Self-titled CD

TikTokTikTok Music

Genres: indie rock, punk

4 Paisley Avenue S.
Suite 12
Hamilton ON
L8S 1T7

Aug 8 - 14 2005

This type of music always gets me. Angular, post-punk-esque indie rock heavy on powerful guitar chords and off-kilter rhythms. It's like a less aggressive Jawbox album, with a more pop-centred touch. A modern flare distances The Inflation Kills a bit from their predecessors (like Jawbox and Drive Like Jehu), calling to mind Bloc Party occasionally, especially in the percussion. Actually the project of ex-Kitchens & Bathrooms member Phil Williams (and a bunch of friends), this band has put up a really solid effort for TikTokTikTok; be it the Jesus Lizard/Constantines edginess of "When Clones Come" or the Seaweed/Train of Dead pop-punk of "A Rope," there's nary a mediocre effort in earshot. Spasmodic melodies are found everywhere, deriving infectiousness from seemingly discordant and explosive sources. I've noticed the band compare themselves to The Police, which makes sense - if you can imagine Sting attending college in 90s Chapel Hill. The rhythmic and tuneful irregularities of The Police have something in common with this release, as does a talent for truly infectious music. On only the second listen, I'm hooked. I'm really enjoying this album; The Inflation Kills sound like they've got something good going, and you'd be damn stupid to think otherwise.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by Sonic Unyon, released 2005]