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I Love Poland

"Regret This/Cripple" single

Denial Records

Genres: new wave, synth-pop

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Nov 15 - 21 2005

Denial Records, the label responsible for acclaimed Bloc Party and Love Ends Disaster! singles, has another trick up its sleeve with I Love Poland. Breaking from the more indie rockish stuff of yesteryear, this record has a synthy 80s sound with dark Joy Division/Jonathan Richman vocals. Deep keyboards set the stage behind very new wave vocal melodies; both songs sound like they could have been on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. The moody "Cripple" is a decent song, though the hooks aren't really that successful. It's the same deal with "Regret This," though it has a more successful melody. Overall, I Love Poland's single is a fine sample of modernized 80s-ish synth-pop; not Denial Records' best, this could still be worth picking up if it seems up your alley.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]