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"Six Soviet Misfits" 2 CD

Temporary Residence Limited

Genres: electronica, experimental electronica, IDM

Temporary Residence Limited
PO Box 11390
Portland OR 97211

Sep 22 - 28 2003

Click n' cutty, bleep n' blippy, chip n' choppy electronica reigns supreme on Icarus' recent masterpiece, Six Soviet Misfits, and why would we expect any less?  After all, expectations only breed disappintment, and that's what life's all about.  But get me some ointment, 'cause this ain't no disappointment. Six Soviet Misfits is a compilation of three past Icarus releases, the UL-6 EP, the Soviet Igloo 12", and Misfits, a full LP.  All were released in 2002, and all are fine, fine, fine.

Those interested in experimental electronica with structure - both rhythmic and melodic - are bound to find comfort in Icarus's semi-claustrophobic walls of sound. Beats drift in and out as ambiances and melodic clips are spread over the canvas of silence that belies every musical work.

Both discs of this release are strong, flowing seamlessly and beautifully. Tracks like "UL-6" and the positively mesmerizing "Deutche Oper" are highpoints on the first half of the release. "Benevolent Incubator" is also a very solid slab of electro. On the second disc, "Kipperkun Scratch" really shines.

IDM and experimental electronica are the names of the games present here - Icarus' complex beats and moody soundscapes will be enjoyed by many. Offering two discs worth of this magical brand of dark electro-garde, Six Soviet Misfits is one of the better electronic albums of 2002.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2002]