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Hum & The Quick

"Like...This" CD

Traveling Talons

Genres: indie pop, pop

Feb 9 - 15 2004

Like...This is Hum & The Quick's debut album, out now on the new Traveling Talons label.  The band is a self-described "dram-pop" band, and that is quite accurate if this disc's any indication; moody, dramatic textures and melodies are used to create an unconventional, melodic mixture of pop tunes.  Their somewhat experimental pop sound will need time to grow on you, and this will likely limit the band's audience to those with an attention span of decent proportion.

It's quite hard to accurately describe why I like this disc.  Its far more eclectic than most of the stuff that comes Indieville's way - but this diversity is largely what makes Like...This so rewarding.  Its variety is very reminiscent of a rock opera soundtrack.  "Peek" is a soft accordion-pop tune not far from Belle & Sebastian territory, while "Brace Yourself" is funky rock n' roll, and "No Regular Day, No" is pleasant country-folk.  There are also a number of electronic and sound collage pieces here and there.  Clearly Hum & The Quick aren't afraid to experiment.

Like...This is a very interesting disc, and one that is worth a look from enthusiasts of fascinating new music.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 18 tracks, distributed by CD Baby, released 2003]