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The Hot Six

"New Blue" CD

Breaker Breaker Records

Genres: garage rock, rock n' roll

Breaker Breaker
PO Box 536071
Orlando FL 32853

Jul 7 - 15 2003

The Hot Six.  How clever.  It's almost as if there was some sort of sexual connotation...


But that's besides the point.  The Hot Six are a solid garage band who've just released the New Blue EP, which collects five rock n' roll nuggets that beg the listener to dance along.  The best song is undoubtedly the opener, "Kiss Without the Makeup," which features youthful, energetic vocals and a distorted, powerful guitar part; it's the type of song that wouldn't feel out of place on the repertoire of a band opening for The White Stripes or The Hives at an Orlando concert.

The main problem with The Hot Six's music is the lack of strong melody.  Their music is fun and exciting, but the choruses aren't always catchy enough to warrant repeated listens.  This problem will have to be rectified for their next release, because for now their appeal lies mainly in a live setting.  That isn't to say that their energetic, exciting sound doesn't carry over well onto this well-recorded album, but New Blue may find itself limited to a relatively small audience. 


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 songs, distributed by the band, released 2003]