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Horace Pinker

"Texas One Ten" CD

Thick Records

Genres: hardcore punk, pop-punk, melodic hardcore

July 12 - 18 2005

Horace Pinker brings on the melodic, readily accessible pop-punk.  Tight compositions hold together angsty but vague lyrics and an arsenal of hooks.  For infectious hardcore, this is pretty good - though at times it becomes a bit too Hoobastank for my taste.  Aside from the "Good Riddance"-like ballad "Texas One Ten," this record's energy is consistently pretty high.  Tracks like "If You Fall" and "Retrospective" are solid, radio-friendly songs of regret and drama, complete with a downtrodden resignation in the music - however, they still maintain a fist-pumping power throughout their duration.  "Exhale to Asphyxiation" and "Still Life" are more brashly aggressive, coupling sensitive choruses with explosive dynamics and vicious performance.  Overall, Texas One Ten is very a solid melodic hardcore and pop-punk disc from a group of scene veterans.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, duration 33:56, distributed by the label, released 2005]