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Various Artists

"Homemade Hits, V.1" CD

Kittridge Records

Genres: indie pop, lo-fi, DIY

Kittridge Records
PO Box 662011
Los Angeles, CA

May 31 - Jun 6 2004

Homemade Hits, V.1 is the type of indie pop compilation that can plant a smile on almost anyone's face.  While the songs aren't all great, there is just such a lovely atmosphere - and so many lusciously infectious melodies - that you can't help but dig the music.

On this disc you get twenty-six offerings by a wide range of indie pop, indie rock, and lo-fi acts.  Many you won't have heard of, but if you're a fan of the genres, there will definitely be stuff here that you'll find appealing.  Firstly, you've got your standard multiple doses of cheery, catchy twee (Going Stagg's pretty "Breathe," Lunchbox's playful "Fernruf").  Then, of course, there's the juicy lo-fi pop, filled with tape hiss and simplistically brilliant melodies (Pumpkin Picasso's "Robot and My Friend," Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti's "Want Me").  Then there are the more energetic indie rock numbers (Katie The Pest's "What Color Are You?," Le Pepes' "PU You Stink"), as well as the offbeat pop numbers (New Bethel's electro-jerky "Telepathy," Boothby's spacey "Diamond Ring").  And, as if that weren't enough, you get a fine dose of sonic experimentation, in the form of Dewey Decimator's avant-garde "Late Night Booty Call" and Tugboat Fantastic!'s electronic "Laughter and Forgetting."

Overall, while this disc does suffer from some lesser moments (just what were Luke Top and Troy Taroy thinking?), it is - for the most part - a very satisfying release.  Who doesn't love comps like this?


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 26 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]