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The High Score

"Sexy Losers" CD

Lynn Point Records

Genres: indie rock, rock

Feb 3 - 9 2003

You know those times when you just feel like you want something catchy to listen to?  Just a little dose of melody - a nice slice of pop? A simple diversion that you can hum along to without really thinking about too much?

Well, The High Score are the four guys you'll want to look at to satiate these melodic cravings.  From Knoxville, Tennessee, the band play fun, loose rock n' roll with an exciting, upbeat spirit.  Songs like the opener, "Blown-out Radio" and "Call It Vicious" are fun, catchy tunes that you'll definitely be humming after a few listens.

The only problem with the band is that they don't seem particularly original.  While they have some neat ideas that work well - including some cool energetic, chaotic noises (and keyboard blips) in "Call It Vicious," these ideas seem bogged down by that familiar indie rock style.  

But that's all fine for a debut release.  As it stands, Sexy Losers is a fun indie rock diversion that will hopefully garner a little buzz for the band.  Though a bit unoriginal, it boasts enough melodies to make it appealing to most audiences.  If the quartet can just do a bit of soul-searching to find their niche, they could become a really big band on the scene one day.  Here's to the sophomore album!


Fun Fact: Sexy Losers had been ready (and pressed) for more than three months before being released to the public.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 songs, distributed by CCNow, released 2003]