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Ground Monkeys / Mouthus / DOSDEDOS / Tan as Fuck

Split 7"

Heat Retention Records

Genres: experimental, free improv

Heat Retention
63 N.3rd St. #407
Brooklyn NY 11211

July 25 - 31 2005

This four-way split is a neat artifact from experimental microlabel Heat Retention Records.  This is a very inaccessible release, but it houses some really neat music.  Ground Monkeys takes us for a trip on the abrasive atmospheric highway, creating a dense, suffocating sound sculpture that I think is the record's best moment.  I love the title: "Succulent Crabs For Sale."  Mouthus follows up with a slightly more rhythmic track, making use of audible guitar and percussion to a hypnotic, droney effect.  They had an album out on Ecstatic Peace awhile ago, which should give you an indication of where they fit in on the musical map.  DOSDEDOS, which is a Heat Retention exclusive act, starts off side B with some neat free jazz; Brian Osborne tackles percussion while Lathan Hardy performs sax squalls and incoherent scat vocals.  Tan As Fuck has releases out on Audiobot and Breathmint, and their contribution is a free improv track not far off from DOSDEDOS' piece, but with Angela Messina's freakish guitar "playing" in the foreground.  This split-7" offers only a snippet of each act for consumption, but it's some damn fine stuff.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]