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Hate Turned Backwards / Mice In Tights

"Discontinuity" split-CD

DarkRealm Multimedia

Genres: techno

Apr 21 - 27 2003

Discontinuity.  When an album isn't good all the way through.  O how many albums discontinuity has ruined!  To think of all the perfectly good material that has been sullied by its ugly face!  Why Hate Turned Backwards and Mice In Tights managed to set themselves up for such inevitable critical quips related to their album name is beyond me - I guess there's a lesson here, isn't there?  If you're going to call your album Discontinuity, at least make sure it's good all the way through.

That said, it's fair to assume that there are both good parts and bad parts to this split-album.  Lets start with Hate Turned Backwards' contribution (and yes, they did name one of their songs "Etah" if you're wondering).  HTB know how to make good electronic music.  They express some really nice ideas on "Aggressor" and "Spasm," but these great concepts are often bogged down by poor execution.  Cool beats are mercilessly killed at the stake by the inclusion of some goofy synths on "Mutilate", and ridiculous samples and a lack of structure plague "Etah".

The second half of the album (after a brief, video game-y intermission) is handled by Mice In Tights.  Much like HTB, MIT (ACRONYM FEVER!) run the gamut from good to bad.  That isn't much of a gamut, I suppose, but they run it nonetheless.  Anyway, I just don't understand how a band that can produce a fantastic tune like "Control" can also turn out sonic diarrhea like "Stronger".

All in all, this is an okay split-CD that is plagued by some pretty noticeable problems.  There are some really nice tracks, but lots of monotonous songs also have found their way on here.  Check it out at your own risk.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 9 songs, distributed by the label, released 2001]