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"A Translucent Gold Statue, A Hole" CDR


Genres: experimental rock, avant-garde

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Nov 10 - 16 2003

Halaka has been around since 1979, in some form or other.  Pseudonyms, fake names, and dozens of bootlegs are all involved, but it's far too complex and obscure to go over here.  All you have to know is that Halaka has been going on for a long, long time and that this album, bafflingly entitled A Translucent Gold Statue, A Hole, is one of their latest mindfucks.

Like Jandek, there is a serious amount of mystery embedded in the Halaka name, and understandably there are a number of obsessed collectors looking to unravel the mystery and find all of the long lost cds, cassettes, and records.  Parts of this album make me wonder why.  Other parts make it all so very clear.

The album starts on a good note with "More Than The Mirror," a melodic, beautiful ride blending electronic experimentation with beautiful guitar strums.  "Pick His Bones," meanwhile, is a noisy, feedback-drenched wall of guitar experimentation and melodic avant-psychedelia.  "Coming Out of the Little Shells" is also creepily infectious.  On the other hand, "comingthroughmydoor" is dull and "Peeling Off What You Keep" is a joke - almost seventeen minutes of yelling and silliness.

A Translucent Gold Statue, A Hole will definitely be worth it for collectors, but will probably just confuse those unaccustomed to the band's sound.  I know I'm confused.  Intrigued, perhaps, but confused.  Anyhow, if this album does fall into your hands, give it a few listens before you cast it away - it just may grow on you.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2001]