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Hail The Size

"Side Two" CDEP


Genre: comedy rock, Americana, country

June 2006

This comedy music duo of Charles Ezell and Matt North (apparently the William Morris Agent on Curb Your Enthusiasm) plays unspectacular pop songs of varying levels of country influence. The charm, however, lies in the lyrics - which are the work of Ezell, a former writer for The Roseanne Barr Show. "Booze, Pills, & Her" is an Americana-tinged song about drinking, drugs, and domestic violence. "Mean Means I Love You" continues the domestic violence tradition with a country mood, meanwhile "I Can't Hold It In" adds a bossa nova beat to a giggly love song. Slow ballad "The 7/11 Song" is a bit of a toss-off, though "The Ass Kicking Song" has a considerable amount of charm behind it. Overall, this humour isn't really laugh-at-loud funny, and I'm not sure how much money you'd really want to spend on this EP, but there's certainly a decent amount of enjoyment to be obtained from it. Interesting.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by CD Baby, released 2006]