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"Sundet" CD

Morr Music

Genres: pop, electro pop, indie pop

November 2006

This year's vote for the most picture-perfect pop album goes to Guther's Sundet. This Berlin-based duo boast the charmingly lush vocals of Julia Guther and the production and accompaniment of Berend Intelmann (formerly of Oof! with Barbara Morgenstern). On Sundet, the most recent and least electronic of their two records, I'm reminded of the fresh, airy compositions of recent Lush, and the vocals and structural breeziness of the latest Ivy album. They've eschewed their past electro-pop sound and replaced it with a more conventional, guitar-driven formula. Despite the adoption of a more traditional format, however, they coyly avoid staleness through peerless usage of delicious pop hook after delicious pop hook.

Every song on here is a simple pleasure to absorb. Meandering-then-breaking "Afraid" and sparkling "Even When It's Not" may be the highlights, but the good thing about this record is that its supporting cast is more than serviceable. Whether we're considering the delicate and pretty slowness of "Throwing Thoughts" and "Two Minds In Between" to the more energetic strokes of "Statements" and "A Brief Encounter", there isn't a misstep on Sundet. Their formula - comfortably shimmering guitars, pulsing basslines, simple rhythms, and pretty vocal melodies - is exactly satisfying. And when it comes down to it, a great formula makes for a great record.



Fun Fact: Sundet is the administration centre of the Norwegian municipality Eidsvoll. Check the facts and a pretty picture here.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, 42:16, distributed by the label, released Sep 4 2006]