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"The Octopus In The Igloo" CD


Genres: post-hardcore, hardcore

November 2006

Whoo, noisy post-hardcore or whatever you call it from New Jersey act GunsLikeGirls, a bunch of folks well-versed in the art of making a lot of noise and making it loud and aggressive. Scratchy vocals and raging guitars carve out a solidly melodic record here, and while the whole of The Octopus in the Igloo is a tad homogeneous and angsty for my liking, there surely is enough here to satiate genre lovers. Energy is key here, propelling breakthough "Hand Control" and synth-laced "There Were People With Morals" to the stars with deathly tempos and explosive power. More sensitive "Intro To Obsession" slows things down a bit with spine-tinglingly shimmering guitars, frothing synths, and emotional vocals, but is predominantly a tear-you-apart assault from start to finish. If that's what you look for in music, then GunsLikeGirls promise not to disappoint.



Fun Fact: GunsLikeGirls used to be known as "Emma".

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks, 25:16, distributed by CD Baby, released 2006]