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Guitar Wolf

"Golden Black" CD

Narnack Records

Genre: garage rock, Japanese garage

Narnack Records
381 Broadway
4th Floor
Suite 3
New York City, New York 10013

May 2006

Guitar Wolf have always been good at what they do and Golden Black is no exception. Sure, there isn't all that much variation in this rather complete anthology, but who can complain about twenty-six noisy garage rock songs played with the band's typical lack of abandon? There isn't too much to say about this whole affair; if you've liked Guitar Wolf's previous output, this best-of is definitely worth it. Likewise, if no-holds-barred noisy RAWK intrigues you, you should find plenty to like here - it's a perfect introduction to a very illustrious band.

Overriding the recording's physical limitations seems to be an important component of the GW production process, with tape distortion playing a big role in the album's energy level staying high (a track like "Murder By Rock," for example, sounds like a veritable assault on the amps.) Album title-tracks "Loverock" and "Rock 'n' Roll Etiquette" make appearances, as well as many other album tunes and a number of rare and OOP numbers, plus an unreleased version of "Missile Me." The band's explosive rendition of "Summertime Blues" rounds out the fine disc, closing off an essential anthology from one of underground rock's most notorious entities.


Fun Fact: The Guitar Wolf live show is supposedly a ridiculous experience in itself, using such elaborate measures as humorously gigantic speakers, microphones that shoot out fire, and big, lighted banners. The sets themselves tend to leave little time in between songs, with the band often choosing to play nonstop from start to finish. (source

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 26 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]