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Guaranteed Katch

"In a Sumptuous Brown Gravy" LP

Equation Records

Genre: noise rock, experimental, bizarro

March 2007

Obscure as shit and liking that just fine, Boston's Guaranteed Katch pile on the sludgy, Killdozer-influenced noise rock on their debut vinyl record, In a Sumptuous Brown Gravy. Shit, this stuff is messy. It's almost a good thing bizarro label Equation Records limited this turd-like slab of brown wax to 333 copies because I'm not sure there are many more people on Earth who can survive listening to it.

Though noisy and scattered, this record actually kicks a lot of ass. There's no denying that GK are a trio of abrasive trouble-mongerers, and this record is as much novelty as it is rawk. They've got some sort of fascination with old-tymey formalities (dig the Olde English inserts and frequent segues embedded in their music), yet it's all gouged through to the bone by their demented noise rock. Somewhere an intergalactic rock opera has been performing this for a million consecutive seasons.

With song titles like "Long+N+Brown," "Boob Stranger," and "Baron of Boeuf," I think In a Sumptuous Brown Gravy makes its MO clear upon a brief evaluation of the track listing, but if not the mad scientist cum prog rock cum "could this be the end of trash knight? done in by a gaggle of unseemly trolls?" opener will make its point pretty quick. Check out GK's record if you can find it, but make sure to heed the liner notes: the wearing of a powdered wig is suggested whilst listening.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 16 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2006]