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Graves Brothers Deluxe

"Gonna Happen To You" CD

Unsafe At Any Speed

Genres: rock

PO Box 225176
San Francisco, CA

Nov 18 - 24 2002

Gonna Happen To You is a fantastic album.  Featuring ex-members of Thin White Rope, Warm Wires, and Game Theory, among others, this is a fun, rockin' album that is sure to get your tapping your feet - and banging your head.

With a special creative spark and a fantastically vibrant singer, this is an outrageous, yet completely accessible album.  Throughout these eleven songs, it's clear that The Graves Brothers Deluxe are having fun - and who can blame them?  This music is all about fun!

Via spastic, offbeat guitar burblings and funky vocals, the band has a power to really capture the listener.  Though there's a definite sense that this would work best in a live setting, the recorded effort is still worth your attention. "Electrical," for example, is a moody, yet exciting track with an irresistible melody that will get you humming along in no time.  It even boasts some well-used trumpet (my favourite instrument, by the way) in the background.  "Ashtray Heights," meanwhile, is a funky tune with a nice melody and a bouncy (yet not bubbly) sound that will get you jumping around in no time.

As the debut release for the Unsafe at Any Speed label, this is a fantastic beginning.  Things bode well for both the label and the band in the future.

I want more.  Please.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks; distributed by the label; released 2002]