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Grant Tilly

"Before My Eyes" CD


Genres: folk-rock, singer / songwriter

Grant Tilly
327 Ranch Estates Bay NW
Calgary AB
T3G 2A3

Feb 2 - 8 2004

Not only is Grant Tilly a musician, but he's an actor as well!  He's been part of a number of plays, including a rendition of West Side Story.  Nowadays he hangs around his hometown of Calgary, Alberta, playing folk-rock shows and singer/songwriter nights.  He sings about love and religion and all the usual suspects and plays simple, hook-filled tunes that will arouse smiles galore in listeners.  As can be hinted from his theatrical upbringing, his vocals frequently take advantage of his experience in musicals - his range is impressive and his voice has lots of character.

With all that said, however, parts of Before My Eyes can become a bit bland, especially to those not yet subscribed to the whole singer / songwriter deal.  A tune like "My God's Better Than Your God" is pure, saccharine-sweet pop, but its appeal will be limited to a relative minority due to its 'unhip factor'.  One of my favourite tunes on this album is admittedly "Ben," due to its funny lyrics and joyful melody.  Tilly uses it to show off his impressive vocal range, and also tosses in some well-placed accordion.  This is the type of song that Tilly does best, and as such it is probably Before My Eyes' most promising tune.

Like the genre or not, you must admit that Grant Tilly knows the ropes of what he's doing.  Enthusiasts of simple, singer / songwriter folk-pop will find Before My Eyes just to their liking.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the artist, released 2003]